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Have Your Say

Voice4Parents gather the views of parents and carers to find out what's working well and where improvements can be made across education, health and care services. Your views help us identify key issues that are affecting families so that we can work with service providers and make positive changes.

So please take a few moments to tell us... Click here to go to V4P's feedback form.

Voice4Parents’ annual survey 2021 is now live.

This is your opportunity to tell us what day to day life is really like for you and your family, living in Wolverhampton, and how well you feel the SEND services, in Wolverhampton, are supporting the needs of your family.

As you have seen from our recent Easter survey, your comments really do help shape and improve services available to our families.

Having your say will help Voice4Parents get the message across of what really matters to our families, enabling us to provide constructive feedback to help shape future provision of local authority, health and other SEND services. As well as help the forum identify areas that need improvement and plan this year’s projects and activities, including focus groups and events.

This survey will run until Friday 1st October 2021.  Please tell as many parents and carers of SEND children and young people living in Wolverhampton about this opportunity to have their voice heard.

To complete the survey and be put into our prize draw please click here


We also want your views on...

Social Care

As you will have seen on the home page of this website and on our Facebook page, Voice4Parents is hosting a focus group on Friday 30th April 2021, 10am to 12pm to discuss Social Care with Lisa Whelan, Service Manager Disabled Children and Young People Service, Fostering Service and Supported Accommodation for Young People Leaving Care.

Voice4Parents has also produced a very short survey on Social Care to get a better picture of parent carer's experiences, knowledge and views of Social Care. Please click here to complete the survey, it will take no longer than 5 minutes, with your involvement we can build a picture of Social Care in Wolverhampton.

Short Breaks

Voice4Parents is working with the City of Wolverhampton Council to review its short breaks service.

Missed the consultation deadline? 

Don't worry you, Voice4Parents are always keen to hear your views/experiences of short breaks, so let us know what’s working well and what isn’t for your child/young person or family. Please click here


Voice4Parents are currently working in partnership with the City Of Wolverhampton Council and Healthcare providers to implement a new Autism Strategy. 

Parent participation is required to influence and shape this.

Parents and Carers alike have informed us that services for those with ASD need to be improved, both in terms of access and availability. 

With this in mind, Wolverhampton aim to become an "Autism Friendly" City by 2021. 

Autism friendly means being aware of social engagement and environmental factors affecting people on the autism spectrum, with changes to communication methods and physical space to better suit individual's unique and special needs. 

We want to collect your views on how Wolverhampton could better provide for you/your family member with ASD and ultimately become inclusive for everyone by asking you to complete the following survey

We also want to collect your views on how to improve the experience of children and young people with SEND at Key Transition Points.

We need to identify what parents and carers feel are the Key Transitions that impact families, what works well? and what doesn’t? and collect suggestions on how improvements could be made by asking you to complete the survey below

Wolverhampton’s Outreach Service

Have you heard of the Outreach Service in Wolverhampton?

Is your child/young person at a mainstream school? Does their school access the outreach service for your child/young person? How could the service be improved?

We want your views on this service tell us what’s working well and what’s not for your child/young person and your family.

Please click here